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This is a list of people who contributed to VIT more than others since the project had started in the fall of 1996. Some people for different reasons have chosen not to be included, others preferred to be displayed without their addresses or as "anonymous". Of course, their help is equally appreciated. Hopefully, everything is correct and complete here but if you feel that something should be corrected or you wish to contribute to VIT and join the list, please, drop a couple of lines.
Leonid Rabovetskiy Provided moral support and draft Java code with which the first cut of the VIT editor was started.

P.S.Venkatraman As the Internet provider for VIT site and an expert in computers, Internet and Indian languages, gave priceless consultations and much help.

Eitan Karni Provided invaluable computer professional and native Hebrew speaker's help with the first VITHEB implementation.

Yevgeny Kalinsky, Andrey Radul, Gennady Livitz Advised, criticized, argued about and encouraged VITRUS -- the Russian implementation.

Denis Papathanasiou Being knowledgeable in Japanese, clarified many things about the language, its writing system, existing encodings and Romanization methods. Pointed to potential difficulties with and expressed skepticism about VITJPN implementation.

Luciano Sammut Was a good source of moral support, plenty of VIT and other jokes and countless useful suggestions how to market VIT. Same may be applied to other coworkers at Merrill Lynch as well.

Bob Ryan Supported the project morally, gave marketing advice, influenced the site name choice.

Sean Lin Helped understand some specifics of the Chinese writing system. This information is very useful for future VIT implementation of the most difficult group of languages (CJK) and VITCHI as potentially the toughest in the group.

Many, many others who actively use VIT, this way or the other, ask questions, criticize, sympathize and express their interest in the project.


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